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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors


Sun, Sea & Surf

When you think of Zeeland, you think of sun, sea and surf. But Zeeland is much more than just this...

Dykes, old villages, squares, quaysides, farms, the Neeltje Jans attraction park, restaurants, museums, galleries... the list goes on and on! There's just so much to do here.

You'll find all the top attractions and sights listed on Zeeland tourist information board's website at

Please drop into our marina office as well for additional information and inspiration.

Meet & Greet

Ever met a real Zeelander? Bruinisse Marina's Henk Gravestein is a born-and-bred Zeelander who just loves to share his experiences and knowledge about Zeeland.

He regularly organizes trips across land and water on which he recounts Zeeland's rich and watery history, talks about its culture and explains the best way to prepare mussels.

Enquire at the marina office for Henk's dates and times. Please visit the for additional information about meeting other born-and-bred Zeelanders!